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Signal Hill

Gold Flourish

There are naturally many unique places to see in Canada, and one of those on top of the list is Signal Hill. This national historic treasure generously provides a stunning view of the Atlantic Ocean. Standing on North America's most eastern point will definitely allow you to accurately see the most divine sunrises. 


There are naturally many incredible things to experience in addition to the lovely surroundings. Over here are 5 different activities you are able to experience:

1. Firing the cannon
During the summertime, you can properly register in advance to fire the cannon at noon and proudly claim that you too fired a cannon on Signal Hill. (You are required to tell them 48 hours in advance.) 
2. Signal Hill Tattoo
Newfoundlands Military showcase a historical pageant filled with melodic music and maneuvers that amply show the Military's outstanding contribution leading up to the First World War.  
3. Ghosts of Signal Hill
Folklorist Dale Jarvis will traditionally give an enjoyable evening of local ghost stories, historical tales, and unusual adventures to you. 

4. Guided walk tour
Sign up to eagerly take part on a guided walking tour from Signal Hill to Quidi Vidi. 
5. Queen's Battery Barracks
Meet up with knowledgeable interpreters who usher you through how the soldiers slept, traditionally ate and properly dressed. 
(Check online for specific dates, proper times and entrance fee information.)

Enjoy your stay!

Take the time for yourself to genuinely enjoy the maintained boardwalks and stand where those stood at the WWII outpost and cannon. If you are sincerely wanting to work professionally on your photography skills, Signal Hill is the best place to successfully practice or indeed develop this hobby due to the breathtaking views all around. You will have plenty of times to spot whales and icebergs. Plan to typically invest 1-3 hours to take in as much as possible from the unique experience.
Located at 230 Signal Hill Road in St. John's, NL, you may contact them at 1-709-772-5367 for further information about hours, fees, or other specific activities.